How your accountant can help you achieve your goals


Your goals are really important to us.

We know you’re in business for a reason…it could be because you want a better work/life balance, the freedom to be your own boss, or you really want to earn enough to buy your dream house.

Whatever your goals are, we are here to help you achieve them.

And the way we help you with your goals is by asking you to do the 8 things listed below.  If you can do this, it means we can make a real difference to you.


Communicate with us regularly

This is probably one of the most important things in any relationship, and the one between a client and their accountant is no different.

Here at Revive we believe in regular contact with you because we know it’s only through communication that we get to know your business and can head off any niggles before they become an issue.

And we’ll encourage you to keep in regular touch with us, because we can’t help if you don’t tell us about a problem you have.  We recently had a client who didn’t tell us that they were having problems getting their customers to pay.  Once we found out, we were able to help them set automatic invoice reminders on their software; they now send out statements once a month, which has improved their bank balance substantially!


Listen to our advice

If you listen to the advice we share with you, it can help you build a better business and get closer to achieving your goals.

Our advice is also there to protect you and keep you compliant.  We keep up to date with the continual changes in accounting legislation so you don’t have to worry about it.

And if you’ve ever wondered why other people get away with claiming expenses they shouldn’t, it’s because they either don’t have an accountant to advise them or they need a new one!


Stay organized

We will chase clients for their receipts because they’re an integral part of the bookkeeping.  Without these it holds up the bank reconciliation, and that in turn means the data is not as up to date as it could be.  If your data is always current, your decisions for your business will be more effective.

But we also understand you’re super busy running your business day to day, so we’ve made it simple for you…you just snap your receipts in an app as soon as you get them, and it’s done with!  It literally takes seconds.

Try to keep any personal receipts separate from your business bank account.  Our bookkeeping fees are based on the number of transactions – the more we process, the more you pay.  And it also means you don’t have a clear picture of what money is coming in and out of the business if personal transactions are going through the business bank account.


Be responsible

We will tell you what tax you have to pay and when the deadline is, but it is your responsibility to make sure you actually pay it in time.

If you need reminders, there are lots of apps which you can download and set to send you a notification before any deadlines.  We use the Tasks feature in Microsoft, along with the Google Calendar, but there are other apps you could use.  And some of them are free!


Respect boundaries 

Feel free to email us at any time.  If this is outside of our normal working hours, you may not receive a reply until the next working day.  But be assured that we will respond as soon as we can.

And if we happen to be working late or over the weekend, you may receive an email from us if we need to contact you, but we don’t expect a reply if it’s outside of your normal working hours.  Just get back to us when you can.

We all need downtime away from work.


Always ask questions

If you have any questions about anything relating to your business, just ask.  We’ve probably been asked the same question before, and if we haven’t, we will find out the answer for you.

NO question is a stupid question…business finances are complicated and it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed.  We’ve been asked what invoices are, if meals can be claimed as expenses, how to see what profit is being made; and if you’re new to business, these are things you may not have come across before.  

But we are here to help you and the more you ask, the more you will begin to understand. 

And don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Be open and transparent

Tell us the whole story – we can help if things aren’t going the way you want; we can put in place services to help you get back on the right track.  And if things are going well, we can help you consolidate and grow.

If you’re not happy with something we do or say, we want you to tell us.  We can only improve if we know something isn’t working, so please be honest with us.

We will also be open and transparent with you, so if we feel something isn’t going well, we will talk to you before it becomes an issue.


Don’t ask us to do anything dodgy!

Please do NOT ask us to cross the line or make stuff up.

We do everything by the book.

We will never mind you asking us any questions; but we’ll always be honest with you and tell you if something is not allowable and the reasons why.

Doing anything ‘dodgy’ will put your business at risk and could destroy your reputation!


We’re all about building relationships, and we want to work with you long term over the next 5, 10, 20 years plus.  If we can be part of your growth and success, we can help you to achieve your goals.

So, if you value these 8 points as much as we do, please get in touch.  Just fill in our Get Moving form and we’ll get back to you.