We take a softer approach to your finances.

Your finances are so important. We want you to feel comfortable discussing them without judgment.

Delivering financial well-being.

Revive Accounting, founded by Caroline Burns, offers financial support for business owners who feel less confident about their finances but who want to feel in charge and in control.

Caroline’s own journey of living off grid and working in the military has been a story of a woman in a “man’s world”. Revive was set up to redress the balance and to enable her to step into her more feminine side with the powerful mission to support business owners who are looking for more holistic financial support including the emotional & psychological, the spiritual and the physical. In fact, all angles that bring financial well-being.

“I want to give emotional and financial freedom to business owners who are looking for a healthier and more sustainable relationship with money and the finances of their business.”

Revive is your accounting lifeline bringing a dream of financial freedom into a reality:

  • Delivering processes that will enable you to feel carefree.
  • Working with you to build a greater understanding of your business.
  • Coaching you to make better and more guilt-free money decisions.
  • A friendly face on tap to explain and review.
Side view of two young women sitting at a table in a cafe, engaged in conversation during an outdoor meeting.
Young woman wearing a backpack hiking through the forest, surrounded by trees and nature on her camping adventure.

It’s our aim to work with the person behind the business to understand your hopes and ambitions and to have the right financial processes in place.

Our values should reflect your values.

We believe that a company’s values should represent the type of service that you can expect. Here are ours, we hope they resonate.


Freedom to communicate.

We should all feel free to discuss our finances without fear of recrimination.

We listen with understanding.

We don’t judge, we listen and act.

Share the responsibility.

You won’t feel alone, we’ll be right by your side.

The door is open.

We are here for you with an open mind.

Never stop learning.

Every day brings new insights and renewed passion.

Learn to laugh.

Business can be a joy with the right processes in place.

Feel more comfortable with your finances.

Come on a journey of discovery with us and find your true passion for your business