How To Decide If We Are Your Ideal Accountant

ideal accountant

There are so many accountants to choose from and it can be a little bit overwhelming deciding which one you want to work with.  We know we aren’t going to be the right accountant for every business and we’re ok with that because we know that not every business is the right client for us.

It’s like any relationship…they work when you pull in the same direction, when you have the same goals and vision, when you hold the same values.

And this is why…

How we work best together

We have four pillars which underpin all the work we do, and we and our clients both live up to these:

Trust – Trust is the basis of any successful relationship…it takes time to build and it works both ways…our clients have told us that they trust us because we communicate well with them, and we keep them updated.  And in return our clients engage with us and understand that when we ask for receipts, or copies of bank statements, this is so that we can help them.

Simplicity We try our very best to keep things as simple as we can because we know that accounting can be complicated if you’re not familiar with it.  There will be times when things seem confusing, but we love to explain what these things mean and help support you.  We’ve recently helped a client whose bank accounts hadn’t been reconciled properly, so they couldn’t see what their customers owed them.  We were able to put this right and they now have complete visibility on this.

Precision – We love dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s!  We like to squeeze as much out of your accounts as we can, so we can make sure you stay compliant and pay the least amount of tax as possible.  Every receipt is important to us, every transaction, every sale you make, because they all form part of your accounts, and this then becomes important to you because you want to stay compliant and pay the least amount of tax.

Learning If we don’t learn, we can never improve, and we love to learn!  There will be times you might ask us a question and we may not be able to give you an answer straight away because it might depend on how you are operating as a business, what industry you are in, what your turnover is…so we may have to go away and do a little research on it.  But your learning is just as important to us because we want you to see the potential your accounts can have to create a better life for you, so that you can achieve what you want.

If these pillars resonate with you, then this is what you can expect from us…

Our values

Our values are reflected in the way we work with you:

  1. We will LISTEN intently to what you need.  Your accounts are about YOU, not about us.  We need to understand you and any concerns you may have so that we can help you.
  1. We will take RESPONSIBILITY for the services we provide to you.  We know what needs to be done and when, and we get it done.  We will ask you to regularly provide information which means we can do our bit.
  1. We will always COMMUNICATE with you to keep you in the picture.  We believe in regular contact because this helps us understand your business and you are kept up to date with how your business is doing.
  1. We will keep an OPEN MIND and not jump to conclusions.  Sometimes a problem that a client has is not what it seems at first glance.  We take our time to understand what is happening in your world and look for solutions with you.
  1. We are willing to LEARN – every day is a school day.  There is always so much change happening within the accounting world, so we keep up to date with as much as we can because it helps us to serve you better.
  1. We have a good sense of HUMOUR – because life is short.  Who doesn’t love to laugh and smile and have a bit of fun…even accountants do, despite our reputation!

What our clients do for us

  1. Our clients live up to all of our pillars; they give us the information we ask for and are prepared to give us a bit of their valuable time. They understand that for us to help them in the best way possible, they need to keep up to date with uploading receipts, that if we ask questions, it’s so that we can understand their business and help keep them compliant and tax efficient.

There is no number 2 or 3 or 4…number 1 says it all.  When this works, it runs like clockwork and it is the best kind of relationship.

So if you’re interested in working with us and think we could be a match, we’d love to hear more about you.  Just complete our contact form so that you can start to decide if we are your ideal accountant.

But it’s OK if you’re not sure just yet, or if you’re not ready to take the next step.  You’re more than welcome to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and keep up to date with what’s happening with us.