Get help with the bookkeeping, so you have the mental freedom to make great things and get paid properly for your work

Bookkeeping and business guidance for Canadian video production companies

In the words of Robert Altman – “Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.” In order to tell stories and collaborate with talented hires, you need complete mental freedom.

Worrying about the finances and struggling with bookkeeping can become overwhelming fast. The numbers aren’t your thing, and they don’t have to be. That’s where we come in.

Feel safe and calm knowing the financial side of your business is always being handled

When we first met Ben he was 2 years late on his HST filings to the point where he was getting phone calls and deadlines from the tax authorities and completely freaking out. We helped him get his books back in order so he was free to focus on his love of creating things.

Here’s Ben’s story.

First, let’s get the tax authorities off your back

When you have a reliable relationship with your accountant, like Ben, you don’t need to bury your head in the sand or feel embarrassment over your finances. We’ll take care of you.

Here’s how:

We’ll catch up with where you are.

You’ll fill in a few questions on our form and we’ll get a call booked in. We take this initial time to understand how your business runs, what apps you’re already using and build a custom tech stack that will use automation to increase efficiency.

We deal with the CRA (so you don’t have to).

We get to work on the stuff that is past due, and WE deal with CRA and make a plan to repay all the debts.

We’ll keep you on track going forward.

We’ll maintain monthly records so you don’t end up in the same situation, breaking the habit and providing a solid base to analyze your business performance.

Build your business back to a successful place

Once we have a solid foundation we have the basis to advise on how to build your business back to a successful place.

With the bookkeeping in order, we provide guidance on how to build and grow your videography business

Once the tax authorities are off your back and the stress is gone, you have time to think about how you want to run your business.

We have served dozens of videography clients and content creators and we’ve seen the same questions come up over and over again.

You want to know how to price a creative project so you can wow the customer (but won’t blow the budget)
You want to know how to hire and pay talented people to help with your projects – should they be subcontractors or employees?
You need a plan so you always have enough money when taxes are due
You want to lower the costs of all your camera equipment

You want your financial situation to reflect your value.
We’ll give you a plan for getting properly paid for your work.

Don’t worry. Unravelling the mess isn’t going to be as hard as you think it’ll be

At our second meeting with you, we’ll get you a flat monthly rate to take care of everything you’re needing.

Start relieving the stress of the finances today by sharing a few details about your business on our get started form.

Start small and safe.